Electric Tea Maker 2.L Blue Light & Modern Style


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Discover the ultimate 2-in-1 tea maker set. Boil water effortlessly in our sleek glass kettle while steeping your favorite tea in the stainless steel teapot. With automatic shut-off and elegant LED lighting, the Bariton Electric Tea Maker enhances your brewing experience. Upgrade to convenience, style, and safety today.

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Experience the convenience of our 2-in-1 tea maker set, featuring a 2-liter kettle with a sleek glass body and a 1-liter (32 oz) teapot equipped with a stainless steel tea basket. The larger kettle effortlessly boils water, while the teapot is perfect for steeping your favorite tea. Feel free to get creative and use the kettle for boiling water or adding tea bags to enjoy your daily coffee!

Our tea maker is designed for effortless operation. Simply turn on the unit and wait for the water to reach boiling point. The unit will automatically start heating and boiling the water, allowing you to choose the desired stay-warm temperature. Thanks to the intelligent boil dry protection, the unit will automatically shut off when there is no water left, ensuring your safety and preventing overheating. The 360° rotatable feature and removable parts make cleaning and handling a breeze.

With its modern design, our tea maker adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The glass body is not only visually appealing but also crafted with high-temperature resistance for your safety. LED lighting illuminates when the unit is turned on, adding a stylish and contemporary touch to your brewing experience.

For the best taste and longevity of your tea maker, we recommend using filtered water. Rest assured, our tea maker includes a safety feature that automatically shuts off when it runs out of water, providing you with peace of mind.

Equipped with Strix Control, our tea maker ensures top-notch performance and reliability. The handles of the tea maker are designed with a heat protection grip, allowing you to handle the unit comfortably and safely.

Upgrade your tea brewing experience with the Bariton Electric Tea Maker 2.L Blue Light & Modern Style. Indulge in convenience, style, and safety with every cup.

Features Description
Power 110V-120V
Capacity 2.0L large capacity
Material High borosilicate glass kettle and teapot
Decorative accents Premium stainless steel decorated kits
Tea basket SUS304 tea basket
Programmable function Temperature and timer programmable function
LED display Digital base with LED display showing temperature
One-touch operation One-touch button with illuminating indicator
Heating element Concealed heating element
Rotational base 360-degree rotational base with cord-storage
Cordless operation Cordless for greater convenience
Safety features Auto shut-off and dry-boil protection
Optional accessories Optional accessories for tea brewing filter and basket
Control and illumination Equipped with Strix Control and Blue Light
Style Modern style
Color Blue light
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