Stand Mixer Model BSM-71800DS


Bariton Stand Mixer Model BSM-71800DS: Powerful 1800W mixer with 7L capacity, die-cast aluminum housing, stainless steel attachments, and convenient bowl handle. Experience convenience and efficiency in your kitchen.

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Bariton Stand Mixer Model BSM-71800DS is a powerful and versatile kitchen appliance designed to make your cooking and baking tasks easier. Its capacity of 7 liters provides ample space to mix large batches of ingredients. The mixer boasts an impressive 1800W power, ensuring efficient and consistent performance.

The mixer features sturdy die-cast aluminum housing, providing durability and stability during operation. It has various attachments, including a stainless steel egg whisk for whipping eggs and creating fluffy meringues, a die-cast aluminum beater for mixing batters and light doughs, and a die-cast aluminum dough hook for kneading heavy doughs.

The stainless steel bowl with a convenient handle allows for easy pouring and handling of the mixture. To prevent mess and splatter, the mixer includes a splash guard cover with a refill opening, enabling you to add ingredients while the mixer operates.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Bariton Stand Mixer Model BSM-71800DS, a reliable companion for all your culinary adventures.

Product Description
Brand Bariton
Model BSM-71800DS
Capacity 7L
Power 1800W
Housing Die-cast aluminium
Egg whisk Stainless Steel
Beater Die-cast aluminium
Dough Hook Die-cast aluminium
Bowl Stainless Steel with handle
Splash guard cover with Refill opening
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