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Helpful Gadgets

You don’t need to replace your appliances to make your kitchen smarter. Inexpensive, easy-to-store devices can improve your cooking and help you out with cleanup. They’re usually under $100, and tuck into kitchen drawers and cabinets when you’re not using them.

For baking and mixing drinks, the Perfect Bake Pro is equal parts fun and useful. it’s a connected scales that work with an app on your smartphone or tablet to make sure you use the right proportions of ingredients. The scale monitors your mixing bowl in real time, telling you how much to pour and even make adjustments on the fly if you accidentally dump in too much of one thing. The apps come filled with recipes, and you can add your own.

The Weber Kitchen Thermometer, meanwhile, is a Bluetooth-connected monitor that uses wired probes to measure the temperature of up to two different dishes as they’re cooking. You don’t need even need to stick around the whole time to watch the numbers rise, since it connects with an app on your mobile device to let you know that something has reached its desired temperature.

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